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Palmera helps you
manage your organization


Powered by Safe

Palmera is a simple framework to create, utilize, and visualize Safe integrations, modules, and hierarchies

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All about your DAO
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Improve the flexibility of
DAO governance

Create squads with your teammates.
You can have many levels of squads and subsquads.

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Integrations for the best DAO tools

Palmera, the DAO Orchestrator, is
integrated with the most popular and
effective tools to manage your organization.

SafeSnapshot communityBoardroom protocolRequest protocolENS DAO project

Palmera is the command center
for DAOs

We want to abstract and simplify the building blocks of decentralized governance and allow you to instantiate them with no-code required.

Configure permissions and rights for different roles and members

Enable allowlist or blocklist for specific smart contracts
Main menu

Enable or disable squad creations

Enable module - only track
Enable addresses or squads to execute transactions
Clawback funds
Allocate and clawback funds

Useful visualization and effortless execution

Monitor the assets, progress, and execution of the DAO through a user-friendly interface.

Allocate or revoke funds to different squads.

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In progress

   Portfolio Tracking

   Squad Registry

   Organization Visualizer

   Only-track Experience

   ENS Integration


Q3 - 2023

•    Treasury Management

•    Historical Portfolio

•    Reward Distribution

•    Discord Bot (Smart Notifications)

•    Smart Contract Audit

•    Customizable DAO Dashboard

•    MEV Protection

•    Dune Analytics Integration

•    Request Finance Integration

Q1 - 2024

•    Custom DAO Integrations

•    Social Tools (Lens protocol)

•    Voting

•    Plugins

•    Template Library

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