Smart Treasury Management:
Multiple Safes, One Dashboard

Palmera streamlines your Safes operations and treasury management across multiple chains, all from a single dashboard

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Palmera benefits
Sign and execute

Create batch token transfers in a few clicks and simplify complex transactions. Stop spending time coordinating signers.

All in one

Safes, integrations, automations, credentials all presented and managed in one place


Customizable interfaces, secure role-based access, and seamless dApp integration.

All your Safes in the palm of your hand

Manage Safes, integrations, automations, and credentials in one place.

Manage Multiple Safes Across Multiple Chains

Multi Safes Aggregation

We aggregate all your Smart Accounts, in every chain, in one Dashboard

User Access Control

Managing who can access and interact with the dashboard, ensuring better communication.


Download transaction reports that provide insights of your treasury performance.


Overview Dashboard

View and manage your digital assets across multiple chains from a single platform. Monitor real-time and historical balances in USD or EURO, access all your Safes, and add links for quick access. Create Safes directly within Palmera.


Create New Transactions

Streamline your transaction management. Batch transactions, pay gas fees directly from your Safe, transaction history, add tags and context to transactions, and download reports for comprehensive insights.


Get Notified

Ensure timely actions with automated notifications. Enable instant alerts for signers, track which signatures are pending, and monitor transaction statuses. Soon, you will be able to tailor notifications to fit your workflow.


Best Web3 Financial Tools

Utilize tools for comprehensive digital asset management. Interact with dApps for financial activities like swaps and liquidity, monitor your DeFi positions, and set up stream payouts for real-time payments.


Profile & Settings

Customize your dashboard and manage settings. Navigate between dashboards you manage or collaborate on. Configure roles for signers to enhance governance. Soon, gain insights into your Safe points.

Integrations with the best Web3 tools

Palmera integrates with industry standard tools so that you can manage your dashboard on your own terms.

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Palmera is Your {multi}Safe place