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Palmera benefits

Empower your community with transparency and efficiency

All in one

Safes, integrations, automations, credentials all presented and managed in one place


We’re making DAO management simple.


Your DAO in the palm of your hand

Palmera enables the formation of diverse connections between safes and facilitates the establishment of compartmentalized governance structures within DAOs. In addition, it offers robust visualization tools for treasury management, all in one place.


From visualization to flexible goverance structures

1. Visualization layer

See everything about an organization, all in one dashboard.

2. DAO Tool integrations

Work with industry-leading DAO tools from within Palmera.

3. On-chain module

Scale on-chain operations and enable custom governance structures.


Track your entire portfolio

View all of your Safes in one place. View balances, transactions and all on-chain activity for any DAO.


Customize your dashboard

Create your own handle to easily find and share your dashboard. Add custom links to social networks, websites, forums and documentation of your organization.


Grant admin rights

Invite collaborators by making them administrators so you can customize and manage your organization's dashboard together.


Browse multiple DAOs

Explore DAOs throughout Web3, then use the favorites option to keep track of the ones you’re most excited about. You can even create dashboards to track your favorite DAOs in one place.


Add context to transactions

Add valuable context to payments and transactions. Create tags, names and comments to reference important information that your team should know.

Integrations with the best DAO tools

Palmera integrates with industry standard tools so that you manage your organization on your own terms.


We’re bringing you the future of DAO management.

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Only-track Experience


Smart contracts V0

Q2 2023 - In progress

Orbis integration

Transaction context

Push protocol

Customizable DAO Dashboard


Q3 2023

Snapshot X integration

Treasury Management

Historical Portfolio

Reward Distribution

Performance Dashboard

Smart Contract Audit

Q1 2024

Custom DAO Integrations

Social Tools (Lens protocol)


Plug ins

Template library

MEV Protection

Dune Analytics Integration

Frequently asked questions

Explore our FAQ section for quick answers to common questions about Palmera.

Is Palmera built on top of Safe multisigs?

Yes, our dashboard and on-chain module is using the Safe multisig as a Primitive since it’s the most trusted and battle tested multisig in the EVM ecosystem.

What are some of the benefits of using Palmera?

Palmera lets you easily visualize and understand how funds are being managed, which can build trust, transparency and confidence among community members and is a key element of the Web3 ethos.

Can my Palmera dashboard be customized?

Yes, all dashboards are fully customizable to suit the needs of specific DAOs or user groups.

What is a squad?

This is a compartment within the on-chain module that enables the creation of relationships between different entities such as Safes, externally owned accounts (EOAs), smart contracts and other squads.

Are the on-chain module contracts audited?

We take security seriously and have plans to execute audits in the near future. For now, we recommend that you exercise caution when interacting with the V0 of our on-chain module contracts.

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